David in Warrington

On this page you can find details of the ongoing campaigns that David is involved with in and around the Warrington area.

See below for more details or follow the links on the left hand side of the page.

Warrington Jobs Fair

David organised a Jobs Fair in Warrington on Friday 8th February 2013 to help local people meet employers and increase their job opportunities

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Arpley Landfill Site

The operators of the Arpley landfill site in the middle of Warrington have made an application to extend the life of the site up to at least 2025. David is leading local opposition to this application.

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Manchester Ship Canal

Peel Ports have annouced a major new investment plan in shipping in the North West. Whilst the investment is welcome, the plans could cause problems unique to Warrington. David is working with local Borough and Parish Councillors as well as Peel themselves to find an acceptable solution.

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Warrington Jobs Club

Since 2009, David has run a jobs club which utilises the experience of local entrepeneurs to help people get back into work.

The club will soon begin its 7th Season, if you would like more information, click here

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