Friday 7th February 2014 - 2nd Warrington Job Fair!

Whilst the Economy is now on the right track, I am acutely aware of the problems faced by many of the people in Warrington who are in low income jobs or who are jobseekers. Since 2009, I have been running a Jobs Club and so far 150 people have been helped back into employment or education.

The natural progression for job seekers is to have an opportunity to meet employers in the area and possibly find out about companies that they would not normally look at as potential employers. These introductions could provide the opportunity needed for those searching for work.

Last year, I held a Jobs Fair at The Halliwell Jones Stadium attended by 650 local jobseekers. The fair was a tremendous sucess with around a dozen people being offered jobs on the spot and an incredible 200 people being offered follow-up conversations.

This year I have decided to run the Fair again, in the hope of helping even more people find jobs once again.

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David Mowat

MP for Warrington South

A seminar takes place

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