The next session of the Jobs Club begins in September. If you are looking for work, you may also want to check out the Warrington Jobs Fair page

David Mowat's Jobs Club: Getting Warrington Back to Work

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David Mowat founded the Jobs Club in April of 2009 and it has now completed its 10th season. 

Over 200 people in Warrington have now benefitted from the club and more than two thirds of those attending have subsequently found a job, started their own business or gone back into a training course.

The Jobs Club draws on the expertise of local businessmen and entrepreneurs to assist participants with skills building, preparing for interviews and improving their CVs. This season includes workshops such as "the Hidden Jobs Market - using social media to find work", "Interview Techniques" and "Leadership & Management."

Check out the full itinerary.

The course allows people to network with local business leaders and employers, which can be an important source of job information. We also now have an Enterprise Club, designed to help those who are considering setting up their own businesses for the first time. Those who complete the full 12 week course gain a Level 5 ILM Qualificaton in Leadership & Management.

However, most of the previous particpants have said that the most important part of the Jobs Club is the chance to meet with a group of people in a similar situation to themselves and re-motivate themselves to continue their job search.

The course takes place every Saturday morning and every participant is also offered individual mentoring and follow up during the week. The next season will begin on 27 September 2014.

The Conservative Party have also arranged for a Job Search Engine to be available. The Zubed search engine is available free and has over 200,000 vacancies in all parts of the country.
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For further information or to book a place, please email your CV to (please mark your email "Jobs Club") or call Anna on 01925 231267

David Mowat said:

"When you're made unemployed you have two choices: you either just give up or you can keep on trying. Sometimes it can be very hard to stay motivated and confident when you get rejection after rejection: that's where the jobs club comes in. The participants will tell you that one of the most important things we do here is to rebuild their confidence so that when the job they want comes along, they will seize it with both hands."

Recent Comments from Club Members: 

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Each session gives clear support in vial areas such as writing or rewriting a CV, interview techniques, social networking skills and an opportunity to explore the area that they feel is important to them.It helps the person not only seek work, but also a work life balance approach.

Following on from this programme, each person will take away their own personal values.I enjoyed sharing work experiences with the group as a mentor and hope that the support that myself and my fellow mentors give, enable an individual to reach their goal."


"4 weeks ago I joined the club what a breath of FRESH air and FREE, I wish I knew about it 7 months ago, at least someone cares."


 "The sessions are conceived in a professional non-condescending manner...we need more of these."




"it has been a privilege to have met truly wonderful people, who not only gave up their precious time to attend, but provided support and hopefully their continued encouragement as we all face the same road…..the knowledge, skills and experiences of each of the Job Club programme team, has enabled this programme to be a great success.

"It inspired me so much"





 "This 10 week programme provides a structured foundation to enable individuals to identify where they need to focus, not only in their career, but also their personal life aspirations.

"The club you organise in Stockton Heath is a great idea: it is highly effective and free for all. I needed brushing up on job hunting skills and I also needed moral support and encouragement...."



 "I needed a reminder I am not alone...."


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