David in Parliament

On this page you will find information on all the work David is doing to represent the people of Warrington South in the House of Commons.

It's important that people know what their MP is doing to represent them. The website theyworkforyou.com allows you to see information and statistics about David's work. The website also allows you to sign up for a free email every time David speaks in Parliament. If you would like to receive these updates please click here

To see what questions David has been asking, click on the links on the left hand side of the page.

Debates and Oral Questions - These take place on the floor of the House of Commons and may take the form of a speech, a question posed to a minister, or a response to a ministerial statement. The transcript appears in the main section of Hansard the following day.

Written Questions - Members can table an unlimited number of written questions to Government departments. Departments are required to respond to questions with two weeks and when they do, both the question and the answer provided are published in Hansard.

Westminster Hall Debates - These are simillar to debates in the House of Commons, but they take place in Westminster Hall and the topics debated are usually more of interest to backbench MPs. Full transcripts of Westminster Hall debates are then published in Hansard the following day.
Select Committee work  - David is a member of two select committees: the House of Commons Select Committee on Scottish Affairs and the Joint Select Committee on the Draft Financial Services Bill. The Scottish Affairs Committee scrutinises the work of the Scottish Office as well as looking at the relationship between Scotland and the United Kingdom and how the Devolution process is working. The Financial Services Committee has been set up specifically to scrutinise the Governments proposed Financial Services Bill, which is intended to overhaul the regulation of Banks and other financial institutions in the UK. From time to time, both committees will hold public evidence sessions where they will quiz ministers and other stakeholders on a particular Government policy or piece of legislation. All committee members have 5 minutes to question those giving evidence. The transcripts of these meetings are usually published as House of Commons Command Papers. Any Reports that the Committees produce will also be published as Command Papers.

- IPSA has now published details of MPs' expenses. To view David's expenses, follow the link on the left hand side of the page.

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