30th July 2014

Mowat welcomes the Prime Minister to Warrington South to talk apprenticeships

Local MP for Warrington South, David Mowat, today welcomed the Prime Minister David Cameron to Warrington and accompanied him to the United Utilities HQ at Lingley Mere at Great Sankey.

Mr Cameron praised United Utilities for the creation of 40 apprentices through their award winning apprenticeship scheme and the positive role they have played in the creation of new jobs in the area.

Both the Prime Minister and Mr Mowat also had the opportunity to speak to a group of apprentices who are benefiting from the scheme and discussed at length what the Government is planning to do to create a more skilled workforce. Since the Coalition took power in 2010 over 4000 apprenticeships have been created in Warrington South.

David Mowat commented:

“The success of apprenticeship schemes, such as the one at United Utilities, show that the Government’s long term economic plan to fix the nation’s finances and to get people into employment is working.

"These record levels of apprenticeships are fantastic news for our country, for Warrington, and most of all for the people whose lives are being transformed ."

29 July 2014

Local growth Minister gives go-ahead for new bridge in Warrington

Cities Minister Greg Clark visited Warrington yesterday to announce funding for road improvement works in Warrington, including a new bridge across the Mersey to take pressure off Bridge Foot.

Mr Clark met with Council bosses, Warrington’s two MPs and the head of Warrington & Co to discuss the town’s ambitious plans for growth and how Government money would help grow the local economy.

Warrington is set to benefit to the tune of £12m over the next five years which will include money for junction improvements to relieve congestion at both Birchwood and Omega as well as a funding package for a new Mersey crossing.

Mr Mowat is a Parliamentary Aide to Mr Clark

David Mowat said:

I am delighted that Greg has been able to visit Warrington and see for himself the difference that the Conservative-led Government’s investment will make in the town.

“I’m particularly pleased that Greg has been able to announce that a new bridge across the Mersey will form part of Warrington’s long term growth plans. The bridge, which I have personally lobbied for, will not only help minimise the disruption caused by bridge swings on the Manchester Ship Canal it will also help reduce the effect of tolling on the new Runcorn Bridge so this is a double win for Warrington.”

21st July 2014

Mowat welcomes new cash for Warrington Schools

Local MP David Mowat has welcomed news that Warrington’s schools are set to receive an additional £400,000 for the 2015-16 school year to address an historic funding deficit.

The Government has added additional money to its fund as a result of lobbying from a number of MPs including Mr Mowat. Last month, David Mowat lambasted schools minister David Laws for failing to give Warrington additional funds despite the authority being the 137th best funded LEA in the country (out of 152).

David Mowat said:

I’m delighted that the Government has changed its mind, as a result of my lobbying, and that our schools will be getting this extra cash.

However we are still just applying sticking plasters to Labour’s unfair school funding formula. I’ve been calling for a national school funding formula for some time now and I hope that one will be introduced soon.

Our children deserve the best possible start in life and Warrington’s schools are already doing a fantastic job of giving children the skills they need to succeed. This extra money will mean even more children getting a great education.”
7th July 2014

Mowat welcomes cash boost to improve Warrington's roads

Warrington MP David Mowat has welcomed this week’s announcement from Local Growth Minister Greg Clark of infrastructure funding to help ease Warrington’s overcrowded road network.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Mr Clark outlined three projects benefitting Warrington as part of the submission made by the Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. The projects are:

• Improvements to the Birchwood Park area to reduce congestion
• Motorway Junction improvements to the Burtonwood Road/M62 junction to allow easier access to the Omega site as well as improving access for local traffic
• A new Mersey crossing in central Warrington linking Bank Quay with Chester Road and bypassing Bridgefoot roundabout

David Mowat said:

This is great news for motorists in Warrington. Congestion is one of the top issues being raised by the Transport Survey I am currently conducting across south and west Warrington. Our road network is close to breaking point and it is holding the town back. I congratulate Warrington Borough Council for working constructively with me to obtain this funding.

“I’m particularly delighted that a new Mersey crossing, which I’ve been lobbying for for some time, is now finally going to get the go-ahead. Anyone who was stuck in Friday evening’s gridlock in the town centre will know just how badly that is needed!”

 1st July 2014

Mowat welcomes nuclear industry to Warrington

Industry leaders from across the country flocked to Warrington last week to take part in the annual Nuclear UK conference which was hosted at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton, where they were welcomed by local MP, David Mowat.

The Conference also saw the second annual Women in Nuclear summit which celebrates the role that women play within the industry as well as challenging perceptions to encourage more young women to take up nuclear jobs.

Welcoming delegates, David Mowat said:

“I’m delighted that the Nuclear Industry has chosen Warrington to host this important event. It was engineers working in Warrington who designed the UK’s first reactor in the 1950s and the town has had a strong bond with the industry ever since.

“Officially 3,500 jobs are based in Warrington, but if we add on the people who live here but work in other nuclear-related establishments at Daresbury or in Knutsford, around 5,000 jobs in the Borough depend on the industry. But I want to see that figure increase to bring high-skill, high-value vacancies to Warrington.

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