19th May 2014

Mowat welcomes income tax cut to make people in Warrington more financially secure

Local MP David Mowat has welcomed a new tax cut for hardworking people in Warrington.

The personal allowance which rose to £10,000 in April, takes around 900 people in Warrington out of income tax. Taxes have been cut for more than 26 million people across the country, with over three million now taken out of paying income tax altogether.

Because of tax cuts, since 2010 the typical taxpayer is now paying £705 less in income tax than they were. Taxes will be cut even further next year when the personal allowance is set to rise again to £10,500, as announced in the 2014 Budget.

David Mowat MP commented:

This tax cut is excellent news for hardworking people in Warrington.

‘This is the third time this Government has cut income tax, benefitting 889 people here in Warrington, with 8,836 people now taken out of income tax altogether.

‘Cutting taxes is a key part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan to build a better future for Britain. These cuts mean 80,583 people are keeping more of the money they’ve worked hard to earn, giving them and their families more financial security for the future.’

19th May 2014

David Mowat, MP for Warrington South, today wrote to the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Prisons, Jeremy Wright MP, regarding the status of Appleton Thorn Young Offenders Insitute.

You can read the document in full here.

8th May 2014

Chancellor of the Exchequer visits Peace Centre

Local MP for Warrington South, David Mowat today welcomed the Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

Accompanied by North West MEP Sajjad Karim, Mr Osborne was greeted by Colin Parry OBE and Wendy Parry OBE and heard from a number of members of the Survivors for Peace programme.

The future of the Survivors for Peace programme was under threat when its funding from the Big Lottery Fund came to an end. However the Chancellor announced during his Budget speech that the Government would continue to fund the programme for another year.

David Mowat said:

It was a pleasure to welcome the Chancellor to Warrington today to show him how the Government’s money is helping people in Warrington and around the country.

“The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is an iconic Warrington Charity, which I am proud to support both here in Warrington and in Parliament.”

7th May 2014

Mowat welcomes restrictions on use of Legal Aid to sue soldiers

Local MP for Warrington South David Moat has welcomed the announcement by the Justice Secretary of a new Residence Test that would restrict the amount of legal aid available to foreign citizens who bring actions against armed forces personnel.

The announcement follows the recent partial collapse of the Al-Sweady Inquiry into allegations of torture and brutality by British soldiers in Iraq. A number of the original claims have since been dropped but the MoD has been left footing the bill for defending itself.

A recent Parliamentary Question from Mr Mowat established that around £4m of taxpayers’ money had been paid to just two firms of solicitors bringing the claims.

Commenting, David Mowat said:

“No country in the world would spend such ridiculous amounts of money on paying lawyers to sue its own Army.

“If ambulance-chasing lawyers wish to make frivolous claims against the Army, they should do so at their own expense and not expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

“I’m delighted that this Government is now looking to protect members of our Armed Forces. Warrington contributes a number of excellent soldiers. We should all be very proud of what our men and women in uniform do for this country and this is one less thing for them to worry about.”

6th May 2014

Mowat Job's Club Break 200 Barrier

The Jobs Club, founded in 2009 by local MP David Mowat celebrated its 200th graduate on Friday. Since its launch, around 85% of graduates have either moved back into work or started their own business.

The Jobs Club draws on the experience of local businesspeople to help jobhunters improve their CVs, interview techniques and other jobhunting skills. Mr Mowat conducts mock interviews with participants and then gives feedback on how the interview went.

David Mowat MP said:

“My top priority is to help people in Warrington get back in to work. The economy is growing steadily and the numbers claiming unemployment benefit have fallen by 40% on last year. We can’t afford to be complacent and we need to make sure that people have the right skills to get back into work.

“The Jobs Club and my annual Jobs Fair, which will return next year, are helping hundreds of people in Warrington find jobs so that they can start earning a pay packet and providing for their families.”

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