27th January 2014

"Come and see what is being done in your name" - Mowat

Local MP David Mowat has today written to the Leaders of Halton, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helen’s and Wirral Borough Councils and Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, to protest their decision to support an extension to the Arpley Landfill Site and invite them to visit the site for themselves. Mr Mowat has also written to Cheshire West & Chester Council, who supported an extension but do not dump waste at Arpley.

In his letter, Mr Mowat wrote:

There is more than enough capacity in the region as a whole to absorb the waste. Given that none of these other sites is as poorly located as Arpley, I believe there is an overwhelming argument that the site should not be forced to remain open.

“If you wish to continue supporting an extension of Arpley’s licence, you need to understand what that would mean for those whose lives will be blighted as a direct result.”

Last week Warrington Councillors unanimously rejected a 5 year extension to Arpley’s licence, but local residents were shocked and angered to hear that Halton and the Merseyside councils had written in to support the application. As Warrington no longer sends any waste there, it is only Merseyside and Halton who will continue to use the site in future.

Commenting, David Mowat added:

“I am delighted that Councillors have thrown this application out, but disappointed that these two Councils are lobbying for the site to remain open.

“The plans that have been submitted show that local people could have to put up with a lorry passing their house every 169 seconds during the site’s operating hours. If they wish to continue supporting this application, the people living in Halton and Merseyside need to understand what is being done in their name.”

8th January 2014

Hinkley Point – Necessary but not Sufficient

Warrington South MP David Mowat has called on the Government to make a long term commitment to Britain's civil nuclear industry in order to keep energy bills down and reduce carbon emissions. The government recently signed a deal for a new reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset, but Mr Mowat said that that should be the minimum benchmark for the industry.

Contributing to a pamphlet entitled Nuclear Options: What Policy for Powering the Future?, published by Free Market Think Tank Politeia, Mr Mowat warned that the UK would otherwise face either rising energy bills or rising carbon emissions.

Mr Mowat also called for:
• An increase in the budget for Nuclear Research and Development
• A rolling programme of new nuclear reactors using a variety of different designs
• A focus on creating a world-leading civil nuclear industry in Britain that is able to export its skills abroad, rather than having to rely on foreign expertise.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Mowat added:

"A new fleet of reactors will mean lots of new highly skilled science and engineering jobs, particularly in places where the skills already exist – like Warrington. Our tow has a proud association with the nuclear industry and the recent announcement by AMEC of 300 new nuclear jobs in Birchwood shows that what is good for nuclear is good for Warrington.

"If we are serious about cutting our carbon emissions, but don't want to see our bills rising, we have to get serious about using low-carbon but non-renewable sources like nuclear and shale gas in preference to coal and oil."

A digital copy of the pamphlet can be found

6th January 2014

£10.5million for new school places in Warrington

Local MP, David Mowat has welcomed the Government's announcement of an extra £2.35 billion to create more school places. This is in addition to the £5 billion that is already being spent in this Parliament. This means that between 2014 and 2017 schools in Warrington will receive £10,479,648. This is part of the Government's long-term plan to give every young person the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
It is the first time that councils have had 3-year allocations of funding to spend on school places, so Warrington Borough Council can plan ahead and ensure every child has a school place. This Government has already created 260,000 new school places and this announcement means thousands more are on the way.
David Mowat MP commented:
"The last Labour government ignored the fact that rising birth rates meant we will need thousands more school places in the coming years, and did nothing to prepare.
"It is great news for young people in Warrington that this Government has found billions of extra funding to ensure every child has a place at school so that they can fulfil their potential.
"This is part of our long-term plan to create an education system that gives young people who want to work hard the skills they need to get on in life and have a more secure and better future."

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