31st October 2013

Mowat responds to HS2 Consultation

David Mowat, MP for Warrington South today responded to the HS2 Consultation by suggesting that the spur linking Manchester to the West Coast Main Line north of Wigan was a costly and unnecessary addition that would bring no additional benefit to the North of England

Read the document in full here

22nd October 2013

Cabinet Minister hears plans for new jobs

Minister for Policy, the Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, paid a visit to Warrington this week to hear exciting plans for jobs and economic growth in the town.

After taking part in a Question & Answer session with some of the town's local businessmen, Mr Letwin and local MP David Mowat were invited to visit Wilderspool-based Ombudsman Services to hear about their plans to expand and take on new staff.

Ombudsman Services is a not-for-profit company which helps resolve consumer complaints about energy, property, telecommunications and copyright licensing businesses without resorting to the courts. The company is now planning to expand its operations creating many new jobs in the town over the next 12 months.

David Mowat said:

"It was a pleasure to welcome Oliver to Warrington and to take him to Ombudsman Services. I know that their model of resolving consumer complaints is very similar to a project that he is championing in Government and I am sure he has taken on board some very useful feedback.

"As a Member of Parliament, I see it as my job to champion businesses in Warrington and encourage others to come to here. It's great to be able to show senior members of the Government that the Town's economy is heading in the right direction."

21st October 2013

New Hinkley Point reactors good news for Warrington 

Local MP David Mowat today welcomed the announcement by Energy Secretary Ed Davey of a new nuclear power station to be constructed at the existing Hinckley Point site.

The new station, the first to be built in the UK for 20 years, will be constructed and financed by energy giant  EDF, but the announcement is likely to create new manufacturing and engineering jobs throughout the supply chain.

The most recent estimate suggests that around 3,200 jobs in Warrington are directly connected to the nuclear supply chain and today's announcement is likely to mean that that number will rise over the next few years.

David Mowat said:

"Today's announcement, though 20 years later than it should have been, is welcome news for Warrington. We have a great many highly-skilled engineering and manufacturing companies in Warrington whose long term futures depend on Britain's nuclear industry.

"These two new reactors, on their own, will produce 7% of the UK's electricity – more than the combined maximum capacity of every onshore and offshore wind farm in the country.

"Replacing Britain's ageing coal-fired power stations with a new fleet of nuclear power stations is the best way to cut our carbon emissions whilst keeping energy bills lower for consumers."

18th October 2013

Warrington MP handed new regional growth role

David Mowat, Member of Parliament for Warrington South has been handed a new role as part of the recent Government reshuffle.

Mr Mowat has been appointed as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP who has become the Government's Regional Growth Supremo.

Mr Clark will now be in charge of implementing the recommendations of Lord Heseltine's report on promoting growth in towns and cities across the UK. He will be working closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to promote innovative growth ideas.

David Mowat said: "This is an exciting new role which I am looking forward to taking on.

"One of the reasons I got into politics was to try to change the mindset that 'if it's important, we have to do it in London'. I will be making sure that I push the case for the North West in General and Warrington in particular."

"Greg will have a budget of a round £2bn a year to dish out to LEPs who come up with good ideas to help create jobs in their local economy."

18th October 2013

End "Unjustifiable" VAT treament of Sixth Form Colleges like Priestley 

Warrington MP David Mowat joined 73 other MPs from across the House of Commons in urging the Government to review the amount of VAT specialist sixth form colleges are required to pay.

At present, schools and academies with their own sixth form colleges have their VAT bills refunded by the Government but standalone colleges, such as Priestley College in Warrington, do not. On average, colleges have to divert £250,000 per year from supporting students to paying their VAT Bill.

Sixth Form Colleges are further disadvantaged by being unable to "cross-subsidise" some of their activities by using funds allocated for pre-16 students – as schools and academies are able to do. The Prime Minister recently promised to "look carefully" at the VAT treatment of sixth form colleges.

Commenting, Mr Mowat said:

"Priestley College delivers an outstanding education for many children in and around Warrington and it deserves to compete on a level playing field.

"The current system of funding is unjustifiable and needs reviewing urgently. I am not calling for any special treatment, just fairness in the way funds are allocated."

"Colleges like Priestley shouldn't be disadvantaged by having to pay bills that other schools don't. It's not good for the College and it's not good for the students."

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