Monday 13th December 2010

David Mowat supports Warm Homes Campaign 2010

David Mowat is backing National Energy Action's Warm Homes Campaign 2010 and is stressing that a national energy efficiency drive is vital in combating rising levels of fuel poverty.

The support comes after recent Government statistics revealed that the numbers of households in fuel poverty is continuing to escalate, with NEA estimating that the figure in England and Wales has reached over 4.1 million.

Mr Mowat said:

"The Warm Homes Campaign highlights that there are still millions of people who are simply struggling to keep their homes warm and protect their families from the ill effects of the cold. Fuel-poor households experience a number of detrimental health impacts and reductions in general wellbeing as a result of cold, damp living conditions. Whilst this is unacceptable, the campaign also demonstrates how help is available.  It also underlines how important it is that future government schemes are able to target support for the most vulnerable households effectively.

"The most important message this year is that there is help out there for vulnerable households. I urge everyone to contact the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99 to get help and advice on staying warm in their home this winter without the fear of fuel debt and ill health."

Jenny Saunders, NEA Chief Executive, said:

"This campaign plays a vital role in ensuring members of the public, local politicians and MPs understand this link between energy efficiency and fuel poverty. By providing practical advice to local community groups and taking MPs to visit their constituents at home and hear first hand about how they've benefitted from energy efficiency initiatives, we hope to help lift other families out of fuel poverty. I am delighted so many MPs have taken this opportunity."

 Wednesday 8th December 2010

Mowat makes case for progressive tuition fees

David Mowat today gave his backing to the Government's tuition fees bill, which will be voted on tomorrow.

Mr Mowat said:

"The coalition Government is reforming higher education funding to ensure universities have the money they need to suceed.

"A lot of myths have been circulated about the plans but it is important to stress that all of the proposals are fair."

For more information on tuition fees go to

Thursday 2nd December 2010

Mowat's expenses published by IPSA

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority(IPSA), has today published the first set of MPs' expenses, since the new Government was formed.

Details of all 22,000 claims made between May 7 and August 31 have been released by IPSA.

The publication covers the first round of payments to be made under new rules introduced in the wake of the expenses scandal which rocked Westminster last year.

Mr Mowat said:
"It is excellent news that my expenses have today been published. I hope that from now on, we will see a more transparent Parliament."

In future, IPSA intends to publish details of MPs' expenses every three months. Data on office rental and staffing costs will be published annually.

To view Mr Mowat's expenses, click here and then type "David Mowat" into the "Select MP or Constituency" tab. You can search by type of expense, or see the expenses of other members.

Monday 29th November 2010

Mowat makes speech on Banking Reform

David Mowat today made a speech in the House of Commons on banking reform. He called for a stronger "firewall" between retail and investment banking, in order to protect consumers. He also criticised the system which had allowed some banks to become too big to fail.

Mr Mowat said:

"One of the odd things about this debate is that those of us who believe that structural reform of the banking sector is necessary are characterised as being anti-free market, anti-capitalist and anti-banking. I am none of those things. In fact, I believe in the necessity of such structural reform precisely because I am pro-capitalism, pro-banking and pro-free market. The case for some kind of firewall, along the lines of the one introduced by Glass-Steagall, is irrefutable."

Read the speech here or watch it here

 Thursday 25th November 2010

Cross Warrington group lobby BSF Minister

A group of head teachers and politicians today met with Lord Hill, the Schools' Capital minister to press the Government for more money for Warrington's schools. David Mowat, MP for Warrington South and Helen Jones, MP for Warrington North, were joined by the Leader of the Borough Council, Cllr Ian Marks, Executive Director of Children & Young People's Services Kath O'Dwyer and head teachers from across the town, whose schools lost funding when the Building Schools for the Future project was halted earlier this year.

Each of the 4 head teachers gave a short presentation highlighting the need of their particular school and this was followed by a discussion of the government's future plans to fund school building projects.

Mr Mowat said:

"BSF may have gone, but the need of these schools hasn't. If anything it is greater now than it was before. When money does become available, it is vital that Warrington is right at the top of the list and I hope today's meeting will help that. All 4 head teachers made the case for their schools powerfully and poignantly and I am sure that we will remain in the minds of ministers."

Cllr Ian Marks – Leader of Warrington Borough Council said:

"Our experience with more traditional design and build schemes at Culcheth and Birchwood shows that we have the skills and experience to invest in our schools quickly and cost-effectively.  We must harness the enthusiasm and commitment of our head-teachers to work in the new framework.  The Government has the opportunity to enable us to deliver a number of projects in Warrington within a short timeframe.  These projects also have the potential to facilitate delivery of key policy initiatives, not least of which is a lead role for schools in the Big Society."

 Wednesday 24th November 2010

Mowat appointed to POST board

David Mowat has been nominated for the Board of the Parliamentary Office for Science & Technology, the non-partisan advisory body on Science & Technology policy within Parliament. The panel, which is yet to be approved by Parliament, is made up of ten MPs (Currently 5 Conservatives, 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dem and 3 members to be confirmed), 4 Peers (currently 1 Lab, 2 Crossbenchers and an Independent) and 7 non-parliamentarians.

POST provides non-partisan advice and guidance to MPs and Peers on Science and Technology policy being discussed by Parliament. They also provide analysis to members to enable them to carry out their job of scrutinising Government policy more effectively. The job of the POST board is to oversee the work that the Office carries out, decide priorities for its future work programmes, reviews draft publications and also oversee the administration, structure and finances of the Office.

Mr Mowat said:

"As one of the few members of Parliament with a Scientific or Engineering background, I am always keen to see that discussions on Public Policy are underpinned by a solid understanding of the scientific evidence. Subject to the Will of the House, I hope that my previous experience will help improve the quality of debate on scientific and technological matters."

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Mowat speaks out on HS2

David Mowat yesterday took on critics of the HS2 project, saying that it would bring jobs and prosperity to the North West of England. He also took the opportunity to urge ministers to look at creating a connecting spur which would link Warrington with the new line, ensuring that the town would see some of the benefit from the project.

The Westminster Hall debate was requested by Steve Baker, Conservative MP for Wycombe. HS2 is the proposed plan to build a high speed railway line from London to Birmingham. The Government has announced that after leaving Birmingham, the line would split, with separate branches going to Manchester and to Leeds. The project would reduce the journey time from London to Manchester to just 80 minutes and would free up capacity on the existing West Coast Main Line.

Mr Mowat said:

"The economic figure that the average gross value added per head in London is about £30,000, whereas in the English regions, it is about £17,000. Such a huge difference does not exist in any other country in Europe. One way in which that can be fixed is through infrastructure investment. Even now, there is massively more infrastructure investment in London, with 60% more infrastructure capital spend per head in London than in the regions. The high-speed rail project is fundamental to the regeneration of large parts of the north of England and the midlands. It has been estimated that the link will generate over 30,000 new jobs in the English regions. In addition, there will be over £10 billion of GDP benefit in the North West. These are jobs we badly need.

"I do not want to minimise the impact of the environmental concerns, but the Government are the Government of the whole country, not just of the south-east of England and London. It is important that we properly weigh up some of the unpleasant environmental impacts against the greater good. Where we have areas of high unemployment, the ability of people who live there to enjoy their environment is much less than it would be otherwise. The Government also have a duty to take into account the impact on prosperity and employment throughout the country."

Wednesday 17th November 2010

Mowat stresses that bullying must not be tolerated

David Mowat has given his support to Anti-Bullying Week.

Anti-Bullying Week sends a clear and positive message that bullying is neither acceptable or inevitable in our schools and communities.

The awareness week, taking place this year from 15-19 November, is co-ordinated by Beatbullying, the UK's leading bullying prevention charity. Beatbullying empowers people to understand, recognise, and say no to bullying violence and harassment by giving them the tools to transform their lives and the lives of their peers.

Mr Mowat said:

"Bullying is a major concern for children and parents alike. It can cause all kinds of problems and can often be a barrier thar prevents young people from fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals. Often, it can lead to depression, self-harm and even suicide.

"I give my full support to Anti-Bullying Week and hope that this year, more so than ever before, it sends out a clear message that bullying should not and will not be tolerated."

 Monday 15th November 2010

Mowat highlights North-South divide in Commons speech

David Mowat used a Commons debate on Growth to highlight the disparity in capital investment between London and the North West. The MP also highlighted the central importance of energy and particularly nuclear, in promoting economic growth.

Speaking to the motion that the House had considered the policy for growth, David Mowat said that there were three key issues that the Government needed to tackle: the huge regional disparities in economic performance, improving infrastructure and reducing energy prices and producing more graduates in subjects like science and engineering.

Mr Mowat said:

"The gross value added per person for the English regions that we have inherited is about half that for London and 20% less than that in the south-east. The fact that GVA in the regions is half that for the capital is staggering, and it is a situation that does not exist in any other OECD economy. We must fix that, and it behoves the Government to put into effect the policies that will stop that happening again.

"We have a country that is very London and south-east focused. I spent 30 years in business constantly fighting initiatives to move functions to London, and fighting the idea, "This is important; we'll have to do it in London." That is a very tough thing to have to do, and it is like pushing water uphill all the time. Another statistic that people might like to consider is that capital spend per head under the previous Government was 50% higher in London than in the north-west. That is a terrible statistic, because capital spending at that level creates private sector jobs and thereby creates affluence and prosperity."

Thursday 11th November 2010

Mowat pays tribute to British Armed Forces on Remembrance Day

The House of Commons fell silent for two minutes today, as MPs joined the country to honour those who have lost their lives in conflict around the world.

David Mowat MP will be attending the Remembrance Day Service and Parade on 14th November at Bridgefoot War Memorial in Warrington town centre, and laying a wreath to commemorate the sacrifices of the British Armed Forces.

It will be the first time he has taken part in the ceremony in his capacity as MP.

Mr Mowat said:

"We must never forget the incredible sacrifices that so many men and women made for our country. Given that currently we have so many troops deployed overseas, Remembrance Day is still as relevant today as ever."

 Monday 8th November 2010

Mowat slams Labour rail stance

David Mowat, today hit back at comments made by Labour Councillors that the High Speed Rail 2 project linking London with Manchester and Leeds would become "the Train to Nowhere". The comments came as Labour Councillors refused to back a motion welcoming the HS2 Project

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced last month that the Government favoured a "Y" shaped route north of Birmingham, with separate branches going to Manchester and to Leeds. The Government estimates that the project will create £25 billion of benefits to the local economies of the North West and Yorkshire. The travelling time between London and Manchester by a third to between 75-80 mins.

Mr Mowat said:

"These kinds of comments show just how out of touch Labour are. The HS2 project will bring significant benefits to the North West region as well as cutting journey times from Manchester to London. Travellers on other routes will also benefit from the increased capacity on existing lines. This project is good for commuters, good for business and good for the North West.

"HS2 has huge potential as it could link with the Channel Tunnel, Heathrow Airport and the West Coast Mainline: potentially benefiting Warrington. Even at a time of cuts, the Coalition Government is still willing to fund major infrastructure projects which bring significant economic benefits. I will be supporting this project all the way through Parliament and doing all that I can to ensure that Warrington gets maximum benefit from the project."

Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Mowat backs British Pub Week

David Mowat is supporting the British Pub Week which runs from 30 October to 6 November. British Pub Week is being supported by the All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of all that the British Pub has to offer to its community. Throughout the week a series of special events will be happening to draw customers old and new to their local pubs.

Mr Mowat said:

"I am a staunch supporter of local pubs and British Pub Week has my full backing.

"Across the country, constituents rely on their local pub as a vital social resource, much like a shop or Post Office and I believe it is crucial that this great British tradition continues."

To find out more about British Pub Week, go to

Wednesday 20th October 2010

These cuts are Labour's cuts - Mowat

David Mowat today slammed Labour for their incompetent handling of the public finances, after the Chancellor revealed the Comprehensive Spending Review. The Chancellor's plans will eliminate the UK's £150bn deficit by 2015.

The CSR includes money for the Mersey Gateway project as well as protecting money for schools, NHS and security. The Government has also set aside a £1.5bn package to compensate Equitable Life policyholders. The spending on unprotected departments will be cut by 19%: 1% lower than that proposed by Labour.

Mr Mowat said:

"We are spending £120 million every single day just to pay off the interest on Labour's debt – money that goes to foreign creditors to help pay for their schools and hospitals rather than our own. These cuts are Labour's cuts.

"Not only are Labour are still disgracefully refusing to apologise for the carnage they left behind, they have absolutely no plans whatsoever to reduce the deficit. Before the election they promised billions of pounds of spending cuts, but now they refuse to tell us where those cuts would fall. Ed Miliband said he would come up with an alternative to today's review and he comprehensively failed his first test. Until Labour can be honest with the British people about where their axe would fall, no one should take them seriously.

"These cuts aren't pleasant, they are tough and they will hurt, but they are also fair. Two parties are putting aside their previous differences to come together and clean up the complete mess created by Labour".

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Mowat announces opposition to Arpley landfill extension

Residents concerned about the proposed extension to the license for Arpley Landfill site received a massive boost this afternoon as David Mowat announced that he would be backing the campaign.

On the eve of a Public Meeting to mobilise support for the campaign, Mr Mowat has written an open letter to local residents explaining that he will not be supporting any attempt to extend the license without major changes to the way in which the site operates.

Mr Mowat said:

"This campaign is not about taking a "not-in-my-backyard" approach to landfill. Residents of Sankey Bridges have had to put up with the heavy lorries and all the other associated nuisances for nearly a quarter of a century. It's time they had some relief.

"Before being elected, I worked closely with local residents on issues to do with the landfill site and I am very pleased to be able to renew some of those associations. Be under no illusions that this will be a tough battle. But the fact that we now have residents, Borough Councillors and Parish Councillors, of all parties and of none, all pulling together to do their bit means that WRG now have a serious fight on their hands!"

 Monday 11th October 2010

Mowat backs Warrington firms in Westminster

David Mowat met with local firms this week to hear first-hand how Warrington businesses are leading the way in promoting the flexible workforce.
Mr Mowat met the Managing Directors of specialist accountancy and employment service firms Brookson and Parasol, who are founding members of the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA). Both companies provide the vital services that allow freelance workers across the North West and the UK to spend less time filling in paperwork and more time at work, providing highly skilled services to businesses around the UK.
Through the Association, the two companies have taken a leading role in ensuring that Government policy does not threaten the livelihoods of thousands contractors in the region by introducing new laws that risk doing more harm than good. Over the course of recent months, Brookson and Parasol have been at the forefront of the Association's efforts to argue its case with officials, Ministers and MPs.
Mr Mowat said:
"It's great to see two of Warrington's leading businesses taking a proactive and positive approach to promoting the flexible workforce through their dealings with Ministers and civil servants.
"All too often new regulations that are introduced with the best of intentions are not based on sound knowledge of the problem that they are trying to solve. Brookson and Parasol, through the FCSA, are doing a fantastic job at helping ensure that this doesn't happen by showcasing best practice to decision makers in Whitehall.
"I want to help them do that wherever possible. I want to see Warrington's businesses survive and thrive in this time of ongoing economic uncertainty and I want to ensure that my party colleagues in Government help them do just that when it comes to our area."

Rob Crossland, Managing Director of Parasol, said:
"We're very grateful to David for taking the time to hear how our two companies are playing an important role in ensuring that the decisions made in London do not adversely affect people working around the country. In backing those firms that freelancers rely on he is helping support the very people who will play a critical role in driving the UK's economic recovery."
Martin Hesketh, Managing Director of Brookson, added:
"Our two companies support over 20,000 contractors, not only in our region but across the UK. We are two local businesses with a national reach. But through the FCSA our reach is not only commercial but also political too. We were really pleased to welcome David to Brookson's offices today and have every confidence that he will be a great ambassador, not only for our work, but for all of Warrington's businesses in future."

Thursday 7th October 2010

Mowat one of "Top Ten" new MPs on Science and Engineering policy 

David Mowat has been as one of the "top ten new MPs" for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) Policy by Science & Technology PR firm Proof Communications. 5 Conservatives, 3 Labour MPs and 2 Lib Dems make up the list, which is published as a guide for firms looking to influence the policy process.

Proof Communications looked at the background of each MP in relation to science and engineering and also the level of scientific research that went on in their constituency.

Mr Mowat said:

"It's a personal bugbear of mine that this country produces too few engineering and science graduates. In the last quarter of a century, the number of engineering graduates we have produced has remained static, yet the number of people going to university has increased five-fold.

"The government has signalled that it wants to rebalance our economy away from financial services. If we are to do that, particularly in the North West, we need to focus on what we do well, like advanced manufacturing and nuclear power. But we can't do that unless we have the people with the necessary skills to fill the jobs of the future. I will do all that I can in Westminster to make this point to the Government."

 Wednesday 29th September 2010

Mowat calls on constituents to make a Will with Will Aid this November

David Mowat today called on constituents who haven't yet made a Will to make an appointment with a Will Aid solicitor. Will Aid solicitors will draw up a basic Will free of charge during November. In return for this service, the solicitors hope clients will choose to donate to the Will Aid charities the fee they would normally charge. The suggested donation level is: £75 for a single Will, £110 for a pair of matching or 'mirror' Wills, or £40 for a codicil or change to an existing will.

It is very important to have a professionally drawn up Will. Without one, hard-earned assets will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. This may mean that loved ones are not automatically provided for and face a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Yet Will Aid's own research shows that nearly 50% of people mistakenly believe that their estate will automatically pass to their partner when they die.

Even if you already have a Will, experts recommend it is reviewed every 3 to 5 years and update it as your circumstances change.

Will Aid has also teamed up with Certainty, the National Will Register, to offer Will Aid clients the opportunity to register the location of their Will - for free (usual cost is £28.75). When a Will is needed, the register enables loved ones to quickly and easily locate it.

Mr Mowat said:
"This is a great chance for people to obtain an affordable Will, drawn up by a qualified solicitor. It's an opportunity for people to help their own loved ones and, at the same time, to help people in need around the world."

The money raised is shared between the participating charities (ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children UK, Sightsavers, SCIAF and Trocaire) and provides vital funds to help people build their communities and improve their future in the UK and around the world. Last November, seventeen thousand clients, made their Will with Will Aid, raising over £1.3 million, for the Will Aid charities.

Will Aid solicitors are taking appointments now and are likely to book up very quickly. So find a convenient participating solicitor today at  or by calling the hotline 0300 0300 013.

 Tuesday 21st September 2010

Mowat shows support for Trust

David Mowat has praised a local specialist mental health provider for its progressive approach to delivering services and challenging stigma. During a visit to Hollins Park at Winwick, headquarters of 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, David said he was "proud" to support the organisation's work.

"The fact that the facility sits on what was
once an Asylum shows just how far we have progressed when it comes to treating people with a mental illness," added David.

He was guided around the facilities by the Trust's Chief Executive Simon Barber and visited the Auden Unit during an occupational group therapy session; meeting with and speaking to patients who have a learning disability.

Read the full story on Warrington Worldwide

 Tuesday 14th September 2010

"Honour our commitment to Equitable Life victims" - Mowat

David Mowat last night took to the floor of the House of Commons to urge the Government to deliver on its pledge to the victims of Equitable Life. His remarks were made as the Equitable Life (Payments) Bill received its Second Reading in the Commons, the Bill was passed without objection.

Hundreds of thousands of policyholders saw their pensions and investments slashed in order to fill a £1.5bn black hole in the company's finances. The Parliamentary Ombudsman found the Government and the regulators guilty of ten counts of maladministration.

David Mowat heavily criticised the report of Sir John Chadwick, who was asked by the previous government to undertake an investigation. Sir John had recommended that a total compensation package of £400-£500m be made available, despite identifying relative losses of over £4bn.

Mr Mowat said:

"Like everybody else, I support the Bill and I applaud our Front Benchers for moving so quickly to get this sorted out. I am disappointed, however, that we appear to be nailing our colours fairly firmly to the mast of Chadwick. The report is discredited...when reasonable assumptions are applied to the ombudsman's starting point, it is very hard not to come up with a number that is a considerable multiple of the number that Chadwick talked about. I cannot get one that is much lower than about £2 billion.

"We must benchmark ourselves against what is right and against the expectations we raised when we were fighting the last election. It is not enough simply to do more than the party opposite."

Watch David's speech in full

Monday 6th September 2010

Mowat launches schools funding petition

David Mowat has launched a petition to to ask the House of Commons to urgently consider new ways of funding capital building projects so that Penketh High and Sir Thomas Boteler get the money they so desperately need to improve their facilities.

Monday 30th August 2010

Mowat congratulates Wolves on retaining the Challenge Cup

David Mowat has congratulated Warrington Wolves on their retaining of the Challenge Cup.

Commenting on the Wolves' excellent 30 - 6 victory over Leeds, Mr Mowat said:

"Winning the Challenge Cup two years in a row is a fantastic achievement which the whole town can be very proud of.

"I send my sincere congratulations to the squad, staff and all those associated with Warrington Wolves and wish them every success in the future."

 Tuesday 24th August 2010

Mowat congratulates Warrington's young people on exam success

David Mowat has congratulated all those who have in the last week received their A-Level or GCSE results.

Mr Mowat said:

"Results day comes after weeks of anxious waiting by parents and young people alike. Young people in Warrington are constantly raising the bar and this year is no different.

"Congratulations to everyone who has received their results. You have worked very hard to achieve them and should be extremely proud.

"I wish all those heading to college, university or even work the very best of luck in their future endeavours."

Monday 23rd August 2010

Mowat welcomes Government legislation banning "rogue" clampers

David Mowat today welcomed the Coalition Government's recent announcement on banning the clamping of vehicles on private land. The ban was promised in the formal Coalition Agreement.

The ban, which will be introduced in the new Freedom Bill in November, will stop wheel-clamping firms in England and Wales from being able to clamp vehicles parked on private land. Once the ban is in place, anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land will face tough penalties.

Mr Mowat said:
"I welcome this Government's decision to end the menace of rogue clampers. Some of these more unscrupulous companies were using this scheme purely to make money and would trick unsuspecting motorists into parking illegally before clobbering them with heavy fines. This is one industry that certainly won't be missed."

Wednesday 11th August 2010

Ramadan message from Mowat

David Mowat would like to extend his best wishes for the festival of Ramadan.

Mr Mowat said:

"It is great that this is a time for families and communities to come together in celebration and thankfulness for blessings received. It is also a time for forgiveness and for helping those less fortunate than ourselves - principles which are relevant to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

"I have always enjoyed meeting with the Muslim community in Warrington and I would like to send my very best wishes to all those celebrating this sacred month. Eid Mubarak."

 Monday 9th August 2010

Mowat Cheers Wolves' Semi Final Success

Commenting on Warrington Wolves' excellent 54-12 victory in yesterday's Challenge Cup semi final, David Mowat said:

"To reach one Wembley final was great but to reach two consecutive finals is fantastic. The Wolves' recent successes have been great for the club and great for the town. I'd like to congratulate Tony Smith and his squad for reaching the final and wish them the very best of luck for the rest of the season, where we still have a realistic chance of winning two trophies."

  Monday 26th July 2010

Job club goes from strength to strength

The jobs club set up by David Mowat and Warrington South Conservatives has celebrated its latest successes. Of the 20 people who took part in the programme, 13 have already found a job and a further three decided to start their own businesses: an outstanding 80% success rate.

The jobs club was set up by David Mowat in April 2010 to help people who had lost their jobs during the recession. Participants are taught valuable job search skills, including CV preparation, interview techniques and networking skills to help them stand out from the crowd. Many of the people who have benefitted from the club had found themselves unemployed for the first time in their lives and had never had to search for a job before. To date, 80 people have taken part with 60 going on to find work.

Mr Mowat said:

"When you're made unemployed you have two choices: you either just give up or you can keep on trying. Sometimes it can be very hard to stay motivated and confident when you get rejection after rejection: that's where the jobs club comes in. The participants will tell you that one of the most important things we do here is to rebuild their confidence so that when the job they want comes along, they will seize it with both hands.

"We've heard a lot of carping recently about the Big Society. This is an excellent example of a Big Society programme making a real difference to people's lives."

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Government commitment to the NHS not in question says Mowat

David Mowat today hit back at Labour scare stories about the NHS, noting that under the current Government, health spending was pledged to rise every year until 2015.

Recent comments from senior Labour figures have suggested that the NHS would suffer under the Conservatives, with the 2 week Cancer guarantee and the 18-week treatment guarantee allegedly being scrapped. However the Senior Cabinet minister Francis Maude made clear last week that target would stay saying that ""We are not getting rid of the two week cancer guarantee. We will keep [it] because that's a target with clear clinical validity."

Mr Mowat said:

"Rather than behaving like a responsible opposition, Labour are simply scaremongering and attempting to frighten some of the most vulnerable people in society. The Government has pledged to increase the budget of the NHS in real terms every year over the course of this Parliament. Labour have refused to support our plans so far.

"Labour's targets are meaningless unless the funding is there to achieve them. They seem ideologically committed to wasting money on vast swathes of costly bureaucracy rather than spending it on the front line services where it is most needed." 

Monday 19th July 2010

Mowat taken on cancer patient journey

David Mowat showed his support last week for efforts to beat cancer at a major Cancer Research UK event on cancer treatment in Parliament.

During the 14th July briefing, the Warrington South MP heard about the different approaches used to treat cancer patients in the UK and was taken through a range of treatment pathways that a patient may follow after being diagnosed with the disease.

He heard about the importance of diagnosing and treating cancer early and the need for patients to have timely access to world-class treatment.

David Mowat also learnt about how people affected by cancer can find reliable, easy to understand information from Cancer Research UK on their patient information website, CancerHelp UK ( If people in Warrington have concerns about cancer they can call the Cancer Research UK's information nurses on freephone 0808 800 4040 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.  They can also visit Cancer Research UK's patient forum, Cancer Chat ( where they can share information and experiences with other people affected by cancer.

David Mowat said:

"Detecting cancers early is absolutely vital.
If people know more about the signs and symptoms of cancers and talk about this with friends and family, we could improve early diagnosis.

"When cancer is diagnosed early, it is much easier to treat successfully. We must ensure that there is access to existing and new ways of diagnosing cancer as soon as possible so that patients are given the best and most effective treatment."

The importance of giving patients access to innovative cancer treatments was also highlighted during the briefing.

Aisling Burnand, Executive Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Cancer Research UK, said:

"People with the same cancer, at the same stage of development, often do not receive the same type of treatment. It is of the upmost importance that patients have timely access to treatments. Although the UK invests far more in cancer research than any other country in Europe, it is often much slower to take up the fruits of this research.

"Cancer Research UK believes the Government should be doing more to encourage the uptake of new technologies into the NHS. It is important to remember that this applies not only to new cancer medicines but also surgical and radiotherapy techniques. We mustmaintain investment in cancer services, recognising the scale of the cancer burden in the UK and our poor survival rates compared to a number of other countries."

 Tuesday 13th July 2010

Penketh High School discussed on floor of Commons 

David Mowat used Departmental Questions to the Department of Education yesterday, to highlight the importance of Penketh High School, which he had recently visited and which is urgently in need of repair. Penketh High School was one of over 700 schools which had applied for funding under the BSF scheme, but had not been able to complete the process before last week's announcement and was thus not funded. He also asked about the criteria which would be used in the Government's forthcoming review of Capital Spending to prioritise those schools most in need of repair.

The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, yesterday praised David Mowat, Member of Parliament for Warrington South, for his efforts in lobbying for BSF funds. In exchanges on the floor of the House of Commons, Mr Gove noted that David Mowat had been "articulate and powerful on behalf of his constituents."

Mr Mowat asked:

"Given that last week's announcement on BSF has had an impact on several schools in Warrington—including Penketh high school, where the need is great—will the Secretary of State tell us when his capital review is likely to report, and what criteria will be used in the review to prioritise schools? Is he willing to meet me and Warrington educationalists to discuss their needs?"

The Secretary of State for Education responded:

"My hon. Friend was good enough to lobby me several weeks ago about the fate of the school that he mentioned, and schools in Warrington overall. He was, as ever, articulate and powerful on behalf of his constituents. I recognise that his constituents have been let down by the fact that Building Schools for the Future spent so much money on bureaucracy, and not enough on bricks and mortar. The purpose of our capital review is to ensure that money reaches the front line more quickly, and that the dysfunctional system that was established under the last Government—which they took no steps to reform or abolish—is transformed. I believe that there will be an interim report in a few months' time and a final report by the end of the calendar year, both of which will transform school buildings for the future."

 Monday 12th July 2010

Mowat highlights £4M health funding shortfall 

Warrington's NHS is being underfunded to the tune of £4 million per year according to answers obtained from the Department of Health by David Mowat, MP for Warrington South.

Mr Mowat obtained the figures in answers to a string of written Parliamentary Questions to the Department of Health. The figures show that by applying the Department's own formula to Warrington's Primary Care Trust (PCT), Warrington should be due an additional £4 million a year in funding. This extra funding is currently being held back as a result of another Government formula known as the "Direction of Travel Formula" which attempts to "smooth" funding allocations to guard against either steep rises or steep falls in funding for an individual PCT.

The problem is particularly acute in Warrington, whose population has been rising rapidly in previous years. The Direction of Travel Formula is slow to recognise any rise in population.

Mr Mowat said:

"These figures show that the Government's own formula is saying that Warrington's NHS is being underfunded by £4 million a year and that the shortfall is increasing. Funding for the NHS in Warrington is failing to keep pace with the rapid increase in population and that is putting increasing strain on our NHS.

"I've been raising this matter for months now, but I am amazed at just how much money Warrington is owed: the extra £4 million a year could pay for 400 extra nurses for Warrington Hospital. I intend to keep pressing the Government for that extra £4 million and I hope that the Coalition Government's commitment to increasing the NHS budget every year in real terms will help us get our money back."

Thursday 8th July 2010

Tribute to Private

David Mowat has paid tribute to Private Thomas Sephton who died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on Monday, after being airlifted from Afghanistan, having been caught in an explosioin in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand on Sunday.  

Private Sephton was a former pupil of Great Sankey High School and lived in Penketh with his parents and brother.

Mr Mowat said:

"Thomas is the second brave young serviceman to have been lost to the town in the last fortnight. I send my condolences to his parents for their tragic loss. Warrington is extremely proud of Thomas and saddened by our loss."

Wednesday 7th July 2010

Warrington South relies on rail says Mowat

David Mowat has today added his support to a parliamentary motion highlighting the extent to which British businesses and the economy rely on rail.

The motion, which has been laid in Parliament as the Government begins to make decisions about spending cuts, calls on the Government to recognise that more people are now travelling by rail than ever before and that major rail improvement projects boost the economy.

Every year 1 billion of the 1.3 billion passenger journeys made by rail are people commuting or travelling for business. Rail freight also transports 100 million tonnes of goods every year worth £30 billion.

In 25 years time there are expected to be 80% more people commuting by rail and freight demand is forecast to go up by 70%.

Mr Mowat said:

"People in Warrington South rely on rail. It gets them to and from work and allows leisure journeys too. Even those who are not regular passengers reap the benefit of less road congestion and the vital role rail freight plays in transporting everyday goods and fuelling the economy.

"We all know there are tough spending decisions to be made in the coming weeks and months but it is vital that the government does not make cuts to rail investment that could damage the local and national economy by not enabling future growth. This is why I am pleased to have been able to add my name to this parliamentary motion."

Tuesday 6th July 2010

Statement on the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme

David Mowat said:

"It is disappointing that the Government have had to suspend the school building programme. Over 700 schools which had not been signed off by the previous Government have been stopped and this includes 6 in Warrington.

"The issues are that:

a)Labour cynically promised funding without identifying where the cash was to come from, they were relying on huge underspends from other departments which never materialised.

b)The whole programme was overly bureaucratic and involved huge fees being paid to consultants, inflating the cost of each school to double the amount paid historically or in comparison to other countries such as Ireland.

"Going forward, each school will now be reviewed on a case by case basis and it is important that over the next few months we make an excellent case to the Government to ensure that Warrington gets the schools we deserve, delivered on a cost effective basis. I have today spoken to some of the affected head teachers and will be working with them and the Council to ensure this happens."

Monday 26 June 2010

Cheers for heroes: Mowat's lobbying enables armed forces to enjoy a pint

David Mowat, Member of Parliament for Warrington South has today celebrated the decision by the Government to allow soldiers to use their military ID as proof of age when buying a drink.

Mr Mowat said

"I am delighted this government has decided to honour the promises that were made during this election campaign, so that our heroes can now have a drink without the embarrassment of being turned away for not having, through no fault of their own, what venues deem to be official ID."

Members of our armed forces were being refused entry to clubs and pubs across the country until Lance Reah, a constituent and former Coldstream Guard decided to take up the issue with his local MP, David Mowat.

Mr Mowat tabled an Early Day Motion 189 to highlight how this irrational policy was damaging the moral of our armed forces, which quickly gained support amongst other MPs and soldiers charities around the country.

Mr  Mowat's campaign also gained prominence nationally with The People newspaper who ran the 'Cheers for Heroes' campaign. Mowat then met with the Secretary of State for Defence, Liam Fox, who made the necessary assurances that the policy change would be implemented. (

Upon hearing the news, Mr Reah said

"Our soldiers must receive the recognition they deserve both when they wear a uniform and when they don't. I am delighted that the new forward thinking MOD / Government appears to have their finger on the pulse of our forces' welfare needs.This relatively smallchange in policy will have a dramatic effect on our troops, and will be welcomed by a huge proportion of our Armed Forces aged between 18 and 25.''

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Statement on the future of the NWDA

David Mowat said:

"The coalition is committed to continuing regional support to the North West but it is also committed to removing bureaucracy and getting more money into the businesses which will generate the economic growth which the region needs.

"In future this will be delivered by sub regional partnerships which will mean that a level of administration is removed and a higher proportion of cash will reach the businesses which need it.

"Nearly 30% of all Government spending under Labour was borrowed, mainly from abroad. This is just not sustainable and pretending that it is is very dishonest."

Thursday 17th June 2010

Tribute to Afghanistan Marine

David Mowat has paid tribute to Marine Steven Birdsall, who died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on Monday, after being airliftied from Afghanistan after being shot while on patrol in Sangin on Sunday afternoon.

Marine Birdsall was a former pupil of Great Sankey High School and lived in Great Sankey with his parents and younger sister.

Mr Mowat said: 

"I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the parents, friends and relatives of Steven Birdsall. His death is a tragedy and serves to remind us all of the sacrifices made by our brave young men and women to make our country safer. The whole of Warrington is very proud and sad this morning."

Wednesday 16th June 2010

Mowat warns mental health services are failing children with Autism

David Mowat has warned that thousands of children with autism in England are needlessly facing a future of mental health problems, because the NHS does not know how to help them. He is backing a new campaign by the National Autistic Society (NAS), You Need to Know, which aims to tackle an unfit mental health system that fails two thirds of children with autism and often makes their mental health worse. 
Mr Mowat said:
"We all need to know that by giving children with autism the understanding and support they need, we help promote their health and happiness. Too many are currently developing preventable mental health problems and find themselves up against a broken system that doesn't understand them or their needs. It is a tragic waste of their potential."
Over 70%* of children with autism have a mental health problem, such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other anxiety disorders, despite the fact that many of these problems are preventable. Autism is a complex disability and so when mental health problems do develop in children with the condition they are much harder to recognise, diagnose and treat without appropriate knowledge. Tragically, they are often dismissed as an unfortunate, but unavoidable side effect of having autism.
Mark Lever, chief executive of the NAS said; "All too often children with autism receive inappropriate, ineffectual and sometimes harmful treatment of their mental health problems. This has a devastating effect on families many of whom develop their own mental health problems as a result. Parents and professionals alike are crying out for more autism support and so we are delighted to have the backing of David Mowat MP. The NHS needs to know how to help, and the Government needs to know it can't wait."
Over 450 parents surveyed for the You Need to Know campaign revealed:
•      Mental health services failed to improve the mental health of two thirds of children with autism
•      43% of parents whose children are currently registered with mental health services said their child's mental health had got worse because they could not get the services they needed
•      Over half of parents do not think that mental health services know how to communicate with their child
•      83% of the children first experienced mental health problems before the age of ten, and half before the age of five
•      Nine out of ten parents said that the mental health problems their child faced had had a negative impact on their own mental health and that of the whole family. Over a quarter of family members needed support from mental health services as a result.
•      The minority of parents who said they had been able to get specialist autism help were twice as likely to say their child's mental health had improved.
With the right support at the right time children with autism can have good mental health just as anyone else can - the You Need to Know campaign aims to make this a reality. The NAS is calling for the Government to act now to make mental health services work for children with autism and change their future. This includes autism training for mental health professionals and access to specialist autism support in every area.
David Mowat MP is also calling on local children and families affected by autism to nominate their Happiness Hero – an individual who has gone the extra mile to support a child with autism. It could be a mental health professional, teacher, youth group worker or another individual who has made a positive difference to the life of a child with autism. For more information, visit

Monday 14 June 2010

Mowat calls for greater recognition for the UK's six million carers

Local MP David Mowat has teamed up with ITV's This Morning celebrity GP, Dr Chris Steele MBE, to support this year's Carers Week (14 - 20 June) and celebrate the contribution made by people in Warrington, and throughout the UK, who provide unpaid care for someone who is ill, frail or disabled.

The theme of Carers Week is 'A Life of My Own' with calls for greater understanding and support for the army of carers who provide vital care for their families, friends and communities. In doing so, many sacrifice much in their own lives, unable to do the little things that most of us take for granted. All too often, these unsung heroes also suffer ill health.

Mr Mowat met up with Dr Chris at the House of Commons to pay tribute to carers, and to urge that they receive more support in their caring roles. David Mowat said:

"A trip to the cinema, or even a full night's sleep – these are luxuries for many of the thousands of carers in Warrington South. I am supporting Carers Week and all those helping to raise awareness of carers, and their priceless contribution they make to our local community. I hope that as a result of Carers Week, many more carers will find out about services and support that exist to help them."

Dr Chris, who has long been a champion for the health and wellbeing of the country's millions of carers, said:

"I am delighted to give my continuing support for Carers Week and its focus on a carer's right to 'A life of my own'. Many non-carers take their free-time for granted, whether it's going to the cinema or meeting with family and friends. As a GP I have met many carers who have never received any help or respite.

"I know how carers' own health and well-being has suffered as a consequence and just how isolated they can feel. Who is caring for the carers? Change is needed at grassroots level and Carers Week is vital in raising awareness and promoting carers' issues."

Other celebrities supporting Carers Week, all of whom have had experience of caring, include:Lynda Bellingham, Cilla Black, Jonathan Dimbleby, Gloria Hunniford, Sir David Jason, Claire King, Phyllida Law, Miriam Margolyes, Esther Rantzen, Angela Rippon and Tony Robinson.

Carers Week is organised by a partnership of 7 national charities: Carers UK, Counsel and Care, Crossroads Care, Help the Hospices, Macmillan Cancer Support, Parkinson's UK and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

For information about Carers Week, including local events and activities, and where carers can find information and assistance, visit or call 0845 241 2582.

Friday 11th June 2010

David Mowat makes maiden speech

Newly-elected Warrington South MP David Mowat made his maiden speech to the House of Commons yesterday afternoon.

Mr Mowat talked about the features of Warrington, including the Manchester Ship Canal and the famous Golden Gates whilst proudly declaring he is the only Conservative MP with a Super League team in his constituency.

In his debate on poverty he said:  

"The surest way to reduce both relative and absolute poverty. across socoiety and particulary amongst young people, is to create more wealth in the first place. We must do this in parallel with rebalancing our economy away from financial services and unsustainable government spending.

"Government has a role to ensure that we have more science and engineering graduates and more high value apprenticeships. I was delighted with the commitments which were made to more apprenticeships in the Gracious Speech."

To view the maiden speech in full please go to:

7th May 2010

Congratulations to David Mowat: Warrington South's Newly Elected Member of Parliament

At 6:30 on May 7th, David Mowat was officially declared the winner of Warrington South's tightly fought election campaign, by 1,553 votes. It is the first time in 23 years that the Conservatives have won the seat. Across Appleton, Bewsey, Grappenhall & Thelwall, Great Sankey, Hatton, Stretton & Walton, Latchford, Lymm, Penketh, Stockton Heath and Whittle Hall, David polled 19,641 votes compared to Labour's 18,088. The swing to the Conservatives from Labour was 6%. The Liberal Democrats came in third.

David Mowat said:
"I'd like to thank the Returning Officer and all the counting staff for all their hard work in the last 24 hours. I'd also like to thank the police for all their efforts today. It's a great honour to be elected as member of Parliament for Warrington South and I would finally like to thank all the people who put their trust in me at the ballot box today; together we can help change Warrington for the better."

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